You deserve to wake up to *new* payment alerts.

It’s time to start earning more money while having more time-freedom by turning your knowledge into a profitable online course.

Before I start my spiel, I need to tell you something…

The e Learning business is expected to hit $350 billion by 2025.

And not only are online courses profitable…


Maybe you've heard the myths like...

You need a large audience
(Wrong. You don’t!)

Listen, you don’t need 100K Instagram followers to earn $100K with your course. I am proof of this.

You absolutely don’t have to be popular to be profitable!

Your course idea has to be unique
(Nope. It doesn’t have to be!)

What if I told you seeing people with courses in the same topic you want is a good thing because that mean’s there’s a demand for it? PLUS can’t nobody do it like you ‘cus the secret sauce is YOU.

You need to be super successful
(Aht-aht, not true!)

You don’t need to be super successful in order to be successful with your course!

You can create a profitable and impactful course with the skills and knowledge you already have!

Online courses are one of the fastest and best ways to stop trading your time for income.

Are you ready to STOP working all the darn time
(and still get paid?!)

…because courses provide a fun, intentional way to teach your expertise, create meaningful connections, and make money without having to showing up every single time! 👏

🎉 Introducing… 🎉


formerly known as “Bankable Expertise”

The proven framework to help you create, launch, market and sell your high-quality online course again and again.


"I was able to create and market my online course and had 4 people sign up the first week I launched"

– Danielle Jackson

Friendship coach

Bankable Course includes...


Phase 1: Packaging up your course

You’re going to get crystal clear on your course and how to package it up so it’s irresistible. Wouldn’t skip this part for ANYTHING because I want to make damn.well.sure your course get noticed by the right people right from the get-go.

Phase 2: Course sales, first

Let’s bring in your dream students first to ensure it’s what the market wants (and allows you to sell your course over and over again)


Phase 3: Creating with ease

You’ll create high-quality course videos with ease and without needing expensive tech! No videos that look like they came straight out of the Blair-witch project!


Phase 4: Your course finishing touches

Once you’ve created your course, it’s time for the course after party including automating aspects of your course and turning students into raving course fans for even more sales!


Phase 5: Turning content into Course sales

It’s not enough to post randomly on social media. You need a strategy! Inside this module, you learn how to create content that takes your audience from interested to “gimme my money” over and over again.


The first month my course launched it made over $30,000 in 30 days.

– Laquita Scott

Business coach and investor

✋ WAIT! ...did somebody say bonuses?!

Because I want to give you every single actionable step you need, I’m also including this stack of aces —

Done-for-you course Launch Strategy

automate with Webinars

sales pages that don't suck

Cash in the DM's

Want a sneak peak?

Ready to meet your coach + strategist?



I went from creating a course that nobody purchased nor wanted to building a 6 figure course business that has allowed me to pay off debts, quit my job, and vacation while still bringing in revenue. Seriously, courses changed my life.

BUT my video journey was not all plain-sailing and mimosa popping.

The truth is I made plenty of mistakes along the way, trying to figure it out on my own and now I’m offering YOU a short-cut. One that allows you to confidently and strategically scale your own online course.

I can’t wait to show you how!


Formerly known as Bankable Expertise

Ready to create, market and sell your online course to $10K months?




Four Payments of $124.25
with Afterpay or Klarna

Disclaimer:  Particular results cannot be predicted  nor guaranteed, as results differ for each individual and depend on YOUR application of the course material.

Enrolling in Bankable Course is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. The level of success in attaining the results depends on YOUR time devoted to the program, ideas, techniques used, finances, knowledge, and various skills.

Please reach out to PRIOR to enrollment if you have any questions, as we do not offer refunds.

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