Create content that earns you money

Every single day

(… even if you don’t have a large audience)

Have you heard the myth that you need a large audience in order to earn income with your blog or video content?

Perhaps you think you need to slave post away on social media hoping to get tons of followers that will then equate to income?

Maybe the thought of being a profitable content creator doesn’t seem realistic because you don’t have the large numbers like all those fancy influencers?

The good news? You can earn lots of money from your content without having to hustle away, day in and day night, for followers AND you don’t need a large audience to do it.

The truth is popular doesn't equal profitable and followers don't equate to dollars.

Creating profitable online content isn't a numbers game, it's a strategy game.

I was able to replace my corporate income with my online content and I’ve helped others turn their online content intro profitable, reoccurring income too!

…and the best part? You don’t have to work 24/7, spend money on ads or dance on TikTok (unless that’s your thing!).

Are you ready to build income streams that bring in continuous income?

Here’s just a peak of what you get…

Monthly 1:1 Coaching calls

Monthly 1:1 sessions and unlimited voxer text support so you’re never stuck or confused on what to do next.

Unlimited text support (M-F)

After we create your customized game plan, you get unlimited text support so you’re never lost or wondering what’s next!
Valued at over $5,000

Lifetime access to ALL courses &resources

Get lifetime access to my 3 signature courses, 3 mini-courses, templates, plug-and-play copy and more.
(Valued at over $5000 alone!)

Lifetime access to private community

After our 4 months together, the support doesn’t stop! Get lifetime access to my private community to get accountability and more.

This is an 1-on-1 coaching program tailor made for business owners and content creators who are ready to diversify their income with digital products, blogging and/or YouTube.

You get a customized strategy plus personalized (and unlimited) support every step of the way.

“I created a digital product & had 5 sales before launching it thanks to Breonna. I didn’t know the logistics like where to house my offer and the steps to creating it. Breonna did not hold anything back!"

– William Thomas
Podcast Host

After implementing just one video suggestion from my session with Breonna, I saw an increase of new clients to my business! I highly recommend Breonna if you need direction.

–Chantail Williams

Cosmetologist & Educator

Your goals aren't one-size-fits-all. This mentorship isn't either.

Inside my repeat income mentorship, I show you step-by-step you how to leverage blogging, YouTube and/or digital products to grow your income, and impact.

Creating profitable content that earns you income every day doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

It’s possible for you with the right strategy.

"Before Breonna, I struggled with how to package up my offer. Now I have clarity on what to offer and how to market it!"

–Kebar Yodhhewawhe
Beauty Digital Marketer

"After our first call, I was energized and ready to hit the ground running! She gave me clear actionable tips and resources that I could use right away. I have so much clarity after our call"

– Christina Jones

Are you ready to make your content work for you
(and earn for you)?

Pay in Full


Four Monthly Installments



  • Four Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions via zoom (up to 2 hours per session)
  • Unlimited text support via Voxer (M-F)
  • Lifetime access to all courses, resources & templates ($5,000 value)
  • Life access to private community