8 tips to grow your influence online

Ever wonder how certain influencers do it? You know, make it look so easy! If you’re an influencer (or aspiring influencer) who is ready to get paid to post/promote your favorite products! It’s possible and I’m sharing 8 tips to grow as an influencer no matter your audience size!

Eight tips to growing your influence online

1. Build a community

An influencer is someone who builds a community of like-minded people. They create content that changes, transforms or add values to someone’s life. They literally INFLUENCE action or emotion. Focus on building a community of people who interact… not just follow.

2. Focus on what makes you, YOU.

What makes you unique? What makes you different? How can you leverage that to set yourself apart? It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing the same type of content as someone else (ie: beauty videos)… there’s someone out there that will relate and connect more to your style and your story.

3. Treat your hobby as a business

The year I started treating my personal brand as a business and not a hobby was the year I started making money. Please don’t produce anything even remotely raggedy! Also, don’t be scared to invest in you.

Invest in a website.
Invest in business cards, if needed.
Invest in education and training.

Invest in yourself because it will propel you forward.

Invest now so you can be prepared and ready for all the opportunities that will come.

4. Be consistent

Have a schedule that allows you to post consistently. You can even auto-schedule your post/videos to ensure you’re posting on a consistent basis.

I recommend auto-scheduling with tools like Later or planoly which allow you to be consistent without having to spend 23 hours a day on social media #BALANCE.

5. Focus on the best platform for you

It’s extremely important to pick the right social platforms where niche, audiences and interests align. If your strong area is gorgeous photos then obviously Instagram may be a better fit over YouTube. If you’re an amazing quirky writer then YouTube may not be the best since it’s a video platform.

Choose which social media channels you will focus on growing first. I think it’s easier than trying to focus on ALL the platforms which can lead you feeling overwhelmed and spread too thinly.

Focusing on the social media platforms that your audience is on is key to growing as an influencer

6. Create content that makes people want to take action

Create a content strategy that fosters engagement. The best way to do that is to post high-quality content that’s valuable to your audience. You can create content that makes your audience live easier, that evokes an emotion, that entertains, educates, informs and/or that causes a reaction.

Create high-quality content that makes people want to stick around.

7. Look at the analytics

Look at your analytics to see where your audience is coming from, what days they are the most active, which post performs the best, which post do not… take full advantage of the analytics on social media platforms so you can attract and grow your audience even more.


8. Be comfortable reaching out to brands

Sponsorships are one way you can make money as an influencer but it’s literally only one way. I made money last year with my events, speaking engagements, affiliate income, coaching, ad revenue and more (check out this blog post sharing ways I earned money as an influencer)

  • Shoot your shot when it comes to pitching to brands
  • Shoot your shot when it comes to writing your book & selling it
  • Shoot your shot when it comes to creating and/or hosting events

You can get paid to post in various ways… but if you don’t shoot your shot, you’ll always miss. Growing as an influencer isn’t just audience size but also income, experiences, and impact.

Do you have any questions when it comes to growing as an influencer? Let me know below!


In my next blog post, I’m sharing how to become a social media influencer and make money in 2020 (ultimate step by step for beginners)


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