How to make money with affiliate marketing in 2024 [step by step]

How to make money with affiliate marketing

Imagine loving something and raving about it to a friend…then imagine your friend purchasing it and *ching, ching* you make money! Well, that’s kinda how affiliate marketing works and today, I’m sharing step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing step by step!

How to make money with affiliate marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is basically a way of advertising someone else’s products or services and receiving a commission every time someone makes a purchase through one of your “affiliate links”.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t cost people extra to buy through your links, but you get a referral fee of the sale (or a percentage) as a reward for leading someone to make that purchase.


To be able to create affiliate links and start using them, you must first apply and get into affiliate programs or networks. Each program is different and has a custom dashboard where you can find the unique tracking links that you need to USE when promoting certain products or services. Additionally, the dashboard should supply you with any earnings you have received.


  1. You apply to programs
  2. You get accepted and designated special links
  3. You share those special links with your audience
  4. A person clicks on your link purchases something
  5. You get a percentage of that sale.

For content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and so on), affiliate marketing is a great way to promote products and companies that you actually use, love, and recommend to your audience.

How to make money with affiliate marketing step by step for beginners


  1. It doesn’t cost you anything to join affiliate programs or to promote links. It’s free, free, and free!
  2. It’s generally much easier to join an affiliate program then it is to find paid sponsorships. You don’t have to pitch anyone or negotiate rates to be able accepted into affiliate programs.
  3. Your earning potential is unlimited. Unlike a sponsorship where you only get paid once, affiliate marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. (As long as you keep sending traffic to your affiliate links so people can purchase)


  1. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme. It takes time to build and scale with affiliate marketing. The more content you create and the more eyeballs on the content, usually the more money you will make with affiliate marketing.
  2. Payment is usually not immediate. You usually have to meet a threshold before you are paid out and some won’t pay you until 30,60 or 90 days out to ensure there are no refunds. For example, amazon associates which is the affiliate program from Amazon has a 60-day payout meaning what you make in July, you will not collect until the end of September.
  3. Affiliate marketing does require a strategy. You can’t slap affiliate links all over the place and think people will just click the links and purchase. You need to create content around affiliate links that influence people and propel them to want to purchase. Inside of my group coaching program, YouTube coins, I do share more in-depth on how to create content that drives sales but the biggest tip I can give you is to create content that helps people.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme.


A lot of businesses do offer affiliate programs or collaborate with affiliate platforms to provide links including Walmart, target, amazon. Additionally, a lot of apps use refer programs that work as an affiliate program since you earn each time someone signs up via your link.

If you are trying to decide how to find the right affiliate program, I recommend making a list of all the companies and products that you use, love, and are relevant to the content you create.

Once you have a list, then search to see if those companies have an affiliate program. You can usually just google “the company + affiliate program” to see what pops up. Also, be sure to join affiliate networks (such as Shareasale) which is a network of merchants they have collaborated with.

Every affiliate program has a different process for registering and being accepted but it’s a usually straightforward process. Once you have been accepted into the affiliate program, you then want to find relevant links you are going to use and insert those links into your content then your biggest job now is ensuring you have a steady traffic of people to consume the content and click the link!


So this is step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing step by step for beginners! Ready to turn your passion into profit?! Check out my FREE profitable passion bundle here!

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