Become a paid and impactful public speaker

Your voice has the power to change the world.

Do you want to make money speaking in public while also impacting others?

Monetize with your voice is an online course that will teach you how to become a professional public speaker and get paid for it. You’ll learn how to become a public speaker, find paying gigs, and build a profitable speaking career.



Monetize Your Voice

A treasure chest of bite-sized video lessons, resources and templates to help you become an awesome (and paid!) public speaker! 😱

Here's what you get inside the bundle:

what's included:

How to become a speaker

Learn the process of becoming a public speaker, from start to finish.

what's included:

Components of a great speech
(plus my epic speech checklist!)

Learn how to structure your speech in a way that engages your audience, and delivers your message with confidence.

what's included:

Positioning yourself to get paid!

Learn what you need (and what’s nice to have) when it comes to getting paid as a public speaker.

Plus you get these BONUSES:

Speaker proposal script

Don’t wait on people to contact you to get speaking engagements! Pitch to them too and I’m giving you my pitching script to do so!

Speaker Templates

Get access to my speaker templates including my speakers feedback template, 10 tips to be more confident as a speaker, speaker contract sample,  glossary of commonly used terms in the public speaking industry and pricing tips.

Here's a sneak peek of what you get inside:


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