UGC content creator: Everything you need to know in 2024!

UGC content creator

Are you looking for a creative outlet that allows you to make money and express yourself? Then becoming a UGC content creator could be the perfect fit for you!

Seriously, who doesn’t want to get paid to do the things you already enjoy? And if you enjoy creating content but don’t have a large following like traditional influencers, you can still earn more working with brands (and guess what?! You may not even have to post the content on your page!)

In this blog post, I’ll share what exactly a UGC content creator is (and is not!), my top tips on how to become an effective UGC content creator, and how to start earning from your creative pursuits.

Whether it’s creating YouTube videos, TikToks, or cute AF photos – if you have something valuable to offer and can generate great content, then UGC could be the route for you.


What is a UGC content creator?

A UGC content creator is someone who creates and publishes user-generated content (UGC) online. This type of content is usually created by everyday people rather than professional journalists or media companies.

UGC creators often use blogs, social media platforms, and other web-based tools to share their thoughts, opinions, ideas, stories, images, and videos. UGC content helps to drive conversations online, connecting communities through a shared experience.

UGC content creators also play an important role in amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and giving them a platform for their stories. By creating content that is centered around their unique perspectives and experiences, UGC creators can have a powerful impact on public discourse.


How do I become a UGC content creator?

1. Find brands to work with:

As a UGC creator, it’s important to find brands you can work with. You should look for brands that share values and interests similar to yours, as well as those that are willing to invest in creating content of high quality.

When it comes to working with brands, you’ll want to reach out to brands you’re interested in working with and pitch a collaboration idea. You can also look for sponsored content opportunities on influencer websites that showcase open and available sponsorships.


2. Have creative ideas

As a UGC content creator, you need to come up with creative and engaging ideas that will draw people in. When pitching an idea to a brand, make sure you’ve thought through all the details and have a clear plan on how to execute it. Developing engaging content is essential for success.

Sometimes the brand may have an idea in mind (for example, they may want you to show yourself applying their foundation), whereas other brand opportunities may give your complete freedom to showcase their service or product any way you choose.


3. Negotiate:

Being a UGC creator is not just about creating content. There are also legal aspects you don’t want to miss, such as having a contract (and reading the contract or having an expert read the contract) to ensure both parties wholly agree on what deliverables and what’s needed.

Sometimes the brand will have a contract for you, and other times you’ll need to provide the contract. If the brand doesn’t supply you with one, it’s important you provide one to ensure you’re protecting yourself! I cannot stress this enough. You always want to have a contract in place as a UGC content creator, even if it’s a gift-only deal with no money being paid out. You can purchase an influencer and UGC contract, which will help you protect yourself.

As an influencer, I really the contract shop’s influencer and UGC contract bundle, which was written BY contract lawyers.

In terms of monetization, you’ll want to negotiate a rate that fairly compensates your time, effort, and creativity. Make sure to consider factors such as the type of content, the desired reach you can offer, and any other deliverables.


4. Execute your content:

Once you’ve secured a collaboration with a brand, it’s time to put your ideas into action. Take the time to plan out each step of your content creation from start to finish, including what tools and equipment you’ll need. Make sure you have a clear timeline and that you stick to it.


5. Provide deliverables to the brand:

Once you’ve created the content, it’s time to deliver what you promised. You should communicate with the brand throughout the process to get their feedback. Each UGC opportunity is different. One opportunity may make it a requirement that you also post the content on your own social media platforms and promote it to your audience. Whereas other UGC deals may only require you to create the content and send it to them the brand.

However, once you’ve submitted the deliverables, make sure to follow up with any post-campaign metrics they may want in order to measure the success of your collaboration.

By following these steps, you can become a successful UGC content creator and build long-lasting relationships with brands. When you make the right connections, stay organized, and create quality content, you can turn your creativity into a viable side hustle or full-time gig!


UGC content creator vs influencer: What is the difference?

UGC content creators:

In a world increasingly dominated by user-generated content (UGC), it is important to understand the distinction between UGC creators and influencers. While both types of content creators are important in their own right, they serve different purposes and roles in the content creation landscape.

UGC content creators curate content that is often more diverse in nature, as it can be anything from videos to written articles and photographs. This type of content is typically a reflection of the creator’s personal opinion or experience rather than a product promotion or event endorsement. These content creators often have smaller followings, but their influence can still be profound.

Additionally, a UGC content creator may create content and not even post it for their audience to see since UGC content creators are not reliant on their audience size but moreso the content they create.

For example, a UGC content creator may create a video for a clothing brand that the clothing brand can use as content, but the UGC content creator, herself, may not post for her audience to see since the content they produce is more important than promoting the content for their audience to see.



On the other hand, influencers usually create more promotional content, often for brands or products. This type of content is typically more targeted, with the goal of driving sales or awareness.

Influencers may have larger followings and more recognition than UGC creators, but their content is often more focused on the subject matter they are promoting rather than the individual opinion of the creator.

One of the biggest benefits of working with an influencer is the product or service is being promoted to that influencer’s audience. The brand is getting content curated for their brand AND brand awareness to a new audience when working with an influencer, whereas a UGC content creator is just the content curated.

To summarize, Influencers get paid to create content and promote it to their audience, whereas a UGC content creator may just get paid to create the content (which then the brand can use).


Qualities of a good UGC Content Creator


Having a good eye for visuals

One of the most important things you need to be good at is how visuals play an essential role in UGC campaigns. UGC creators need to have a good eye for what makes visually appealing content, from the use of color and composition to creating videos that capture attention. They should also be familiar with different video editing tools and technologies so they can create high-quality UGC that stands out. The biggest pro of using UGC content creators is the high-quality content to be expected.


Be creative:

Creativity is also key when it comes to UGC campaigns. UGC creators will need to think of creative ways to capture people’s attention, whether it be through the use of storytelling or unique visuals. They should also come up with clever ideas for their content so that it stands out from the rest and resonates with their audience. Being creative and coming up with content that is different from what others are doing can be a great way to stand out in the UGC world.


Be open to feedback:

Creators should also remain open to constructive feedback, as it can help them become better creators over time. It’s important to take criticism constructively so that the UGC campaign can improve over time. Additionally, feedback from viewers and clients can provide insights into what kind of content resonates best.


To pursue this type of career, it is important to have a good understanding of popular social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok by having knowledge about these platforms, how they operate, and what users like.

For example, users on YouTube tend to like longer videos as opposed to those on Instagram and TikTok, where short-form video tends to perform much better. A UGC creator should have knowledge of what content tends to perform better on what social media platform.


UGC creators must also be able to understand user trends and preferences when it comes to content. Knowing the types of content that users interact with most can help them create more engaging UGC for their campaigns. They should also have knowledge of how to properly use hashtags, captions, and other tools to help make their UGC stand out from the crowd.


UGC content creators should also stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in their field. This means taking courses, attending workshops, or reading blogs related to social media marketing so they can always stay ahead of the curve and be ready to create effective and engaging UGC campaigns. For example, if you create beauty content, it’s important you’re up-to-date with beauty trends.


Updated on Algorithm changes

While this is usually more important to Influencers, a UGC content creator should also stay up to date with social media algorithm changes . This is important as social media networks are constantly changing their algorithms to stay relevant and attractive to users.

These algorithm changes can often drastically impact how content is seen on the platform, so it’s important for UGC creators to be aware of these updates in order to make sure their content is getting seen.

These are just some of the skills that a professional UGC creator needs to have in order to create successful campaigns. As the industry continues to expand, so do the skill sets required for success in this field. With dedication and practice, anyone can become an expert UGC creator.


How much do UGC content creators make?

UGC is still a relatively new career meaning there is no average or exalt amount of money UFC creators earn. It’s based on a number of things, such as the deliverables needed, the size of the sponsorship, the audience size of the UGC creator, and more. In general, UGC creators can make somewhere from $200-10,000 a month or more, depending on their reach and audience.

It is important to note that UGC creators should be aware of the value they are providing to sponsors and brands. This doesn’t just mean relying on the number of followers they have, but rather how engaged their audience is and how well they are able to promote a brand’s message. I know of UGC creators with small audiences but earn a great deal of income simply because they create excellent and binge-worthy content.

A great UGC creator is comfortable negotiating with potential sponsors as well as creating high-quality content.


What is the average income for UGC?

As previously mentioned, there is no average income for UGC creators as it depends on a variety of factors. Some UGC creators make anywhere from $200-10,000 a month, while others make more. It is important to remember that

UGC involves creating content for sponsors and brands, so the income you make should reflect the value that you provide to them. Additionally, it’s important to remember to be comfortable with negotiating a favorable deal and understanding the size of your audience and how engaged it is.

Finally, remember that quality content will always be more important than followers when it comes to UGC. Overall, UGC creators have the potential to make a great deal of income, but it requires hard work and dedication in order to make it a successful and profitable career.



UGC creators have an important and unique job in the modern digital landscape. UGC creators offer high-quality content for brands, websites, and other organizations that resonates with a wide variety of audience members.

The key to success as a UGC creator is creating consistent, high-quality content and being able to work with different types of platforms. Very successful UGC creators can earn great money depending on their marketability and understanding of the industry.

Although there are numerous similarities between influencers and UGC creators, they ultimately provide very different services. All in all, becoming a UGC creator can be lucrative–but it isn’t likely to happen quickly. So if you’re willing to put in the hard work and effort, then this could be a great opportunity for you to explore!

Are you a UGC creator or aspire to be one? Let me know down below in the comments!

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