Six different video ideas that make money!

A lot of people think AdSense is the only way to make money leveraging YouTube and that simply is not true! There are so many ways you can leverage video to make money (even with a small channel!). Today, I’m sharing six types of video you can monetize!

Six types of videos you can monetize

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1. Product and/or service reviews⁣⁣⁣

Review a product or service and share what your experience was like using it as well as if you would recommend it.  The more in-depth the video, the better. You can monetize these types of videos with affiliate marketing.⁣

2. Day in the life (Vlog)⁣⁣

You will be surprised at how interesting people will find your life. You can show a day in your life as a new mom, beautician, essential work, personal trainer, business coach… the list goes on! ⁣
If you are a service provider, this is a great video to showcase your services and what you do! ⁣Show what exactly goes into your profession and be sure to lew viewers know HOW they can work with you!

3. Favorites⁣

Talk about things you’re currently loving. If you’re a beautician, share your favorite beauty product. If you’re a mom, share your favorite mommy items; if you’re a business coach, then share your favorite business tools. The list goes on!

Affiliate marketing works great for these types of videos because if it’s your favorite then viewers may want to try it out too! If you sell a product, you can also highlight that (i.e., if you have a cosmetic line, highlight your favorite shade of lipstick within your brand)⁣

4. Q&A videos⁣⁣

Have your audience ask you questions and answer them in a video. If you’re a smaller channel, you can answer questions you commonly receive. If you’re a health coach, answer common questions received in your profession.⁣
These types of videos are great for selling your products and services!⁣

5. How-to⁣⁣

Provide step-by-step details on how to accomplish a task such as doing a smokey eye or doing a proper sit-up.⁣
You can also market your services this way (i.e.: record a video on how to budget for a new home and share you’re a financial advisor)⁣

6. Testimonials⁣

Testimonials are great at because they showcase how well you deliver. If you’re a business coach, have a client share their testimonial. This is great at establishing you as the expert as well as showcasing that you get results! If you sell products (such as lipsticks), collect testimonials from customers sharing it’s the perfect red lip for them and they’re so much more confident. Testimonials are great at driving sales for your products and/or services.

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The best kind of youtube videos to make money with

So here are some types of videos you can create even if you have a small/new channel and ways you can monetize your videos! Questions? Write below and let me know!

In my next post, I sharing 9 proven ways to get more views on Youtube for free

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